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LEARN ABOUT TFPF pet foundation

Established in 2005, The Fuzzy Pet Foundation (TFPF) is a dedicated team of volunteers fervently committed to alleviating companion animal homelessness in Southern California and beyond.

Each year, we rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home approximately 200 cats and dogs, providing them with comprehensive veterinary care. Our commitment goes beyond immediate care; we socialize these animals and, through an extensive screening process that includes home-checks, we ensure they are placed into responsible and loving homes.

TFPF also offers indispensable spay/neuter services, aiming to prevent animals from reproducing and adding to the number of animals living in challenging conditions.

Our proactive local animal rescue efforts involve navigating sewers, junkyards, and trees, dodging traffic, and gently coaxing frightened strays to safety. Moreover, we extend our outreach to impoverished communities throughout Southern California, delivering food, toys, doghouses, and bedding to animals who may have never experienced human kindness before.

Our volunteers tirelessly educate the public within Southern California communities, many of whom may be unaware of the essential elements of responsible animal care. We devote numerous hours to counseling animal guardians on humane care practices, such as the importance of keeping cats and dogs indoors with their families and promoting the crucial role of spay/neuter procedures.

We never turn a blind eye to neglected, unloved, and homeless animals. Instead, we welcome them into our care, always striving to find them forever homes filled with love and responsibility. Additionally, we transport stray cats and dogs to open-admission shelters to ensure they receive the necessary veterinary care and are kept off the streets.

Our commitment to animals is unyielding. We pledge to always stand by cats and dogs in need, ensuring they feel loved, safe, and cared for, in a world where they are all too often overlooked.