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LEARN ABOUT TFPF pet foundation

The Fuzzy Pet Foundation – (TFPF), established in 2005, is comprised of dedicated, hard-working volunteers united by a mission to FIX animal homelessness in Southern California and beyond.

Every year, we rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home 200 cats and dogs. We provide them with comprehensive veterinary care; socialize them, and we find them responsible, loving homes via an extensive screening process that includes home-checks.

We provide spay/neuter services for animals who would otherwise reproduce and bring countless more animals into miserable and often deadly environments.

TFPF rescues local animals directly – crawling through sewers, poking through junkyards, climbing trees, dodging cars, and coaxing terrified strays to safety. We venture into impoverished communities throughout Southern California to deliver food, toys, doghouses, and bedding to animals who have never known a kind or touch from a human.

Finally, our volunteers have worked and continue to work from within Southern California communities to educate and often deeply unknowing public and improve the living (and dying) conditions of animals. We spend countless hours counseling animal guardians on proper, humane care such as housing cats and dogs indoors with their families, and the importance of spay/neuter.

We never turn our backs on neglected, unloved, and homeless animals. We bring them into our care to find them loving, responsible, and forever homes. We also transport stray cats and dogs to open-admission shelters so they are off the streets and they can receive proper veterinary care. We will always be there for cats and dogs in need – even if the best we can offer them is a painless release from a world that doesn’t have enough heart or homes with room for them.