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Social Media Policies

Our staff, volunteers, supporters may have their own social media accounts but their comments, views, and posts may not necessarily represent the views of the The Fuzzy Pet Foundation – (TFPF). Official correspondences by the TFPF will only come from the profiles listed on this page.

We are proud to foster active communities on our social networks. By participating in these communities, you are acknowledging and agreeing to our social media policies below:

Re-tweeting and Sharing

We may share content from other sources, including stories, information, tweets, and more on our social networking sites. This does not mean we agree with all posts and positions from the originator of the shared content and it does not imply any further support or affiliation to the originator of the shared content. You may ask the The Fuzzy Pet Foundation – (TFPF) to share or re-tweet content, but this will be done solely at our discretion. We are committed to stay on message and our social media content reflects our mission to FIX animal homelessness in Southern California and beyond.


We reserve the right to delete posts on our social media sites that include any of the following:

  • Profanity
  • Spam, including solicitations or repeat posts
  • Off-topic or irrelevant posts
  • Personal attacks, threats, or defamatory statements
  • Offensive terms targeting individuals or groups
  • Promoting violence against humans or animals
  • Promoting illegal or questionable activities

While we strongly encourage open discussion and amiable debating on relevant topics, abusive language, bullying or chronic harassment of TFPF supporters will not be tolerated. If you continuously violate our policies, you will be removed from our social media accounts.

The Fuzzy Pet Foundation – (TFPF) reserves the right, but is not obligated, to remove any comment.

To protect your privacy, we encourage visitors to refrain from publicly sharing personal contact information (i.e., e-mail address, phone number, postal mail address.)

If you have a question regarding our social media presence or policies, please email us here.