Our Goal

OUR GOAL: Addressing Companion Animal Homelessness

The Issue: An Imbalance of Supply and Demand

Homelessness in the United States affects more than just humans. Each year, animal shelters across the country are forced to euthanize approximately half of the 6-8 million cats and dogs they receive due to overwhelming influx. Countless beautiful, healthy, and lovable animals lose their lives due to a simple imbalance: too many animals and not enough responsible, loving homes to adopt them.

Every animal bred and born — either intentionally or accidentally — and each animal purchased from breeders or pet shops, occupies a potential home that could have adopted a shelter cat or dog desperately in need of one.

The Goal: Towards a ‘No-Birth’ Nation

To achieve the vision of “no-kill” communities, we must strive towards a “no-birth” nation. This can be accomplished through legislative measures that mandate spaying/neutering, unless an appropriate permit is obtained. Funds collected through permit revenues should be channeled towards subsidizing sterilization surgeries for low-income individuals and families.

As long as people fail to spay/neuter their animals, euthanasia will remain a heartbreaking necessity. Every day, animal shelter workers witness fates far more cruel than a humane death: animals who are brutally killed, neglected, starved, and left to perish on the streets, where they are viewed as public health threats and nuisances.

The Solution: Spay/Neuter!

The most significant step we can take to prevent the suffering and death resulting from animal overpopulation is to spay/neuter our pets. The vast majority of animal deaths in shelters and public spaces can be prevented through this simple procedure.

Let’s Tackle Animal Homelessness!

Join us in putting an end to animal homelessness. By spaying/neutering your pets, educating others about its importance, and choosing to adopt rather than purchase animals from breeders or pet stores, we can all make a difference.

Remember: Never Breed or Buy. Always Adopt. Always Spay/Neuter.