Our Goal


The Problem: Supply > Demand

In the United States, homelessness is not just a human problem. Animal shelters throughout our nation are forced to put to death roughly half of 6-8 million unwanted cats and dogs who pour into their overwhelmed facilities. Beautiful, healthy, and lovable animals lose their lives because of simple math: too many animals and not enough responsible, loving adopters for them.

Every animal bred and born – on purpose or by accident – and every animal purchased from a breeder or a pet shop fills a home that could have adopted a cat or a dog dying for a home at a local shelter.

The Goal: A ‘No-Birth’ Nation

The only way to make our communities “no-kill” is to work towards a “no-birth” nation through legislative measures that mandate spaying/neutering unless a proper permit is purchased, with permit revenues used solely to subsidize sterilization surgeries for low-income individuals and families.

Until people spay/neuter their animals, euthanasia will remain a tragic necessity. No one wants to have to euthanize animals – least of all those who hold the syringe – but every day, animal shelter workers see fates far worse than a humane death: animals who are cruelly killed by mean people; animals who are chained, neglected, and starved; animals who perish on the streets, where they are considered a public health threat and a nuisance.

The Solution: Spay/Neuter!

The single most important thing that we can do to save cats and dogs from suffering and death as a result of animal overpopulation is to spay/neuter them. Every last one of the millions of animal deaths at animal shelters and in the streets, alleyways, fields, basements, and back yards that occur every year can be prevented through spaying/neutering.

Let’s FIX Animal Homelessness!

Help us put an end to animal homelessness. By spaying/neutering your cats and dogs, educating others about the importance of spay/neuter, and never buying animals from a breeder or a pet store, we can all make a difference.

Never Breed or Buy. Always Adopt. Always Spay/Neuter.