Each year, an overwhelming 6-8 million animals are admitted into animal shelters, and sadly, 3-4 million of these end up euthanized. These are often wonderful, healthy, sociable, and lovable animals whose lives are cut short simply due to an unfavorable equation: an excess of animals and a shortage of homes.

This distressing reality could be significantly reduced through the proactive measure of spaying and neutering (surgical sterilization). Every stray cat and every neglected dog stems from an animal that was not spayed or neutered.

By advocating for and enabling spaying/neutering, we can help prevent animals from facing dire circumstances such as being hit by cars, contracting debilitating diseases, enduring attacks from other animals or cruel individuals, being stolen for lab testing, used as bait in dog-fighting rings, or left to suffer from starvation, exposure, or neglect outdoors. Prioritizing sterilization is not just about controlling animal population, but fundamentally about safeguarding their well-being.