Each year, The Fuzzy Pet Foundation – (TFPF) places hundreds of homeless and unwanted pets into loving, forever homes. We provide care and medical support to a wide range of purebred and mixed-breed cats and dogs. Some of them have special needs, such as medical conditions, shyness, old age, or congenital anomalies. All of them are looking for quality homes. And each and every one of them deserves a chance.

As long as people continue to buy animals from breeders, animals awaiting homes in shelters may never get the chance to go on romps at the park, enjoy overnight cuddle sessions, or know the security of their own home.

If you or someone in your life is ready for the responsibility of welcoming an animal into the family, choose the ethical way and adopt from TFPF or from a shelter. Buying animals from a breeder guarantees one thing: Animals in shelters lose a chance at finding their forever homes.