Male Domestic Short Hair named Bubba available for adoption
Name: Bubba
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Primary Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 2 Years Old
Color: Tabby Grey and White
Weight: 12 Pounds
Sex: Male

Bubba is a friendly, two-year old cat who was sadly abandoned at one of our vet hospitals. Bubba’s original “mom” dropped him off for boarding, and claimed she would be back for him in two weeks. Bubba waited for days and days, crying and looking everywhere for his “mom” to pick him up. She never returned. And it was later learned that she even gave the vet hospital a fake name and a disconnected phone number so that she would not be traced.

With the help of the wonderful staffers at the vet hospital, Bubba became less confused and traumatized. He started playing with toys again, socializing with other cats, climbing on kitty trees, and accepting love from other humans. Bubba turned out to be a super loving, confident cat!

Bubba is a big boy who enjoys following people around inside the house. He is calm and gentle. He likes being petted and told he is a good, handsome cat. He gets along fine with other cats, though he is an alpha cat who must decide on certain rules — such as who can sit where on top of the kitty tree. Bubba has not been around dogs. He is not shy, and he does not hide or run away from new visitors who come to the house. Bubba plays with toys. He is never destructive and has extremely clean litter box habits.

Bubba has a clean bill of health. He is microchipped and current on vaccines. He was neutered, and he had a recent blood test as well.